Why Digit Place

DigitPlace specializes in high quality digitizing for the embroidery and logo digitizing industry. Digit Place has been in the digitizing and embroidery industry for almost a decade and has continuously provided professional custom embroidery digitizing services to its clients. Home embroidery, line embroidery and commercial logo are our main services.

DigitPlace can digitize designs for commercial embroidery as well as home-based embroiderers. We cater both to those with multi-head shops as well as one-head shops.

DigitPlace makes sure that the highest quality embroidery digitizing service is given by paying close attention to details important for every client – quality, turnaround time, price structure and great customer service. Effective customer service is very important to ensure that what you really want to happen to your embroidery design is 100% taken into consideration.

DigitPlace can do embroidery design, custom logo digitizing, graphics, cheap embroidery digitizing, and artwork on all kind of fabrics, textures, and apparel by experienced designers, embroiderers, digitizer from textile and embroidery industry. We adhere to our motto of providing
“Professional & affordable custom embroidery & logo digitizing - DigitPlace.”

6- Reasons: Why Digit Place:


Professional Staff

We have highly skilled and trained staff that has technical knowledge as well as being well trained with fabrics and textile.


Low Cost Digitizing

We have 3 service packages or pricing options to choose from dependent on what digitizing service is best suited to your needs and works best for you.


Rapid Delivery

We have the fastest turnaround time of 8 hours.


Free Estimate

We do free estimate on all kind of jobs. Send us your design file and details and we will get back to you with our low rates.


Customer Service and Support

We have 3 ways to ensure we have a clear communication between us: by phone, email and chat. View more


Free of Charge Editing

We stand by our work but in case there is a need we provide free of charge editing service until our client gets satisfied. View more